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Worst service

BeIN sports are criminals taking our money for a service that never does what they say it should. No airplay, no sound in some games, some games show up late, chrome cast doesnt always have the game you are steaming show up on your tv. Used to work perfect 2 years ago when they used there website and airplay work when using an iPad or iPhone

Absolute Trash

The live stream service is simply not working on this app, Ive been trying to watch something (ANYTHING!) on my new subscription but it keeps saying they have a technical issue, please be serious and show some respect, Im paying for my service so the least I have to expect is to receive top quality streaming, but Im not even getting any of it. Please fix this issue.

What a joke

Preferential treatment to La Liga and streams that are less reliable that free illegal streams, joke of an app

I got robbed by this company

they gonna take your money twice or maybe more if you used more cards to pay, I charged twice for three consecutive months

Cant login with my DIRECTV acct

Keep getting an error. Please fix.

New update 12/5/16

New update lets you watch live TV which is awesome but the app does need to fix the errors that occur.

Audio skip bug

Whenever I start watching a stream, the audio skips, other than that almost perfect. The chrome cast connectivity can be a little more seamless also.

No Xfinity

The app doesnt have an Xfinity option when trying to sign in. Please fix this.

Chromecast support?

The precious app used to have chromecast support. Why this one doesnt have it. Please add it soon.


Please fix the app it has the potential to be amazing but the chromecast has simply stopped working. I have very fast internet and other reviews state the same problems. BeIN please fix the app so American soccer fans can enjoy the beautiful game. They are numerous problems but the chromecast turns on then shuts off after 10-20 seconds.


The worst app on live streaming channels. I have Verizon and all the sports channels have apps that basically WORK, when Im trying to stream it on my phone. The BeIN just doesnt. Sad.

Awful - constantly experiencing technical difficulties

Have tried this app on 2 different iPads and when you choose a game it shows an ad then says its having technical difficulties, try again later. This has been going on for more then 2 weeks. Also, no info of who to contact with these issues. Wouldnt recommend.

Apple TV?

Where is the Apple TV app?

Never worked

I have fast internet, most latest phone and ipad and this app never ever works. Why do they even offer this? I pay a lot for this channel and can never even stream on the computer. Garbage!

Not working

Please fix app! Was working up till last month and now will not play anything other than the 20 second advertisement! It was working fine idk what has happened . Pleaseeeeeee haha

Very bad

Errors everywhere

My subscription DOES ALLOW LIVE TV!

I obviously have a cable provider in order to use this app, I dont know why always (mostly when important matches are happening) gives me the error message that my subscription doesnt allow me to access live TV! This is ridiculous!

Cannot sign in

Tells me I have too many devices connected when I only have one. The website doesnt let me log in either. I have Fios and didnt have issues before this new stupid thing came on. Who can help???

Never works

You cant watch or do anything in this app


Never works!! Useless app

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